Thursday, August 14, 2014

Some Things Have Been Weighing On My Heart

Hey Friend,
In a recent Facebook post I wrote, " If you have ever suffered from clinical depression, you know first hand the awfulness that Robin Williams endured.  It's about time we erase the stigma of mental illness (not character flaw or weakness).  RIP Robin Williams.  Thank you for bringing the gift of laughter into this world."
That coupled with the war (accompanied by death) between countries, within one country, between races and ethnicities, weighs heavily on my heart.  "What do I do Lord in addition to praying?"  I ask. 
"Give Life," I hear Him answer.
I have, through God's power, given life to two biological children whom I love deeply.  I also, through God's grace have a son and brother-in-Christ named Anosh who lives in Pakistan, whom I also love.  He calls me "Maa" which means Mother in his native tongue.  Anosh is a godly young man, one of only 1.6% of Christians who live in a country where the state religion is Islam. He works as a customer representative and his income, beyond basic needs, goes to providing for orphans and widows. 
I, along with some friends, have had the opportunity to give life to the children and widows with whom Anosh works, feeds and teaches about the love of Jesus Christ...the good news that truly gives life!  We sent a Christmas care package that contained gifts for these children (most of them orphans or from impoverished families) as well as funds to feed the children and the widows. We got to see the gifts in their hands and the smiles on their faces.  For most, this was the only gift they received.
Just the other day, my son, Steven, and I were reminiscing about his childhood...about what a fun and carefree childhood it was.  His days were filled with playing sports, building forts, birthday parties and raiding the pantry for snacks with his friends.
The children that Anosh works with do not have such happy childhoods.  Most of them are robbed of their childhood because government run schools cost that most families don't have so the children have few options.  One is to go to work with a parent where they are forced into heavy childhood labor.  Another, is they are abandoned to the streets because they are one mouth too many to feed.  Worse yet, are those who are sold into slavery or wind up selling themselves.  This is not a childhood; it is an atrocity!
Together our dream is to begin a grass roots school - Redeemer Christian School in Lahore, Pakistan.  There is no money yet for a website, or to establish 501(c)(3) status or articles of incorporation.  We're talking provide funds for a place to rent (few people are willing to open up their home out of fear and retaliation for hosting a Christian group).  One of the few Christian churches was bombed not that long ago. 
They need basic supplies like a room, Bibles, books, paper, pencils, tables and chairs, and maybe a computer or two.  By giving them the gift of learning to read and write we can give life!!  Their hearts are hungry to hear about the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ.  I can't let that hunger go unfed.  I want to give these children a hope for a different life.  I have pictures of each of the children that come regularly (when a place can be found) to get a meal and hear about the love of Christ.  When I got married recently they all made me cards that Anosh sent to me.  For having so little, they have such giving hearts.
So, what am I asking?  I am earnestly asking all my readers and Facebook friends to take: The $10 Challenge. (If by God's grace you are moved to give more then great). If each of my readers would give just $10 we could knock this out of the ballpark.  It might mean sacrificing 2 Starbucks coffees, or a lunch with a friend, but what it will do in Pakistan cannot be measured.
I will wire the funds so that 100% of the money raised will go directly to the needs mentioned above.  I will update you with emails with pictures of the school and children you are supporting (if you care to receive them). If you are "on the fence" I encourage you to consider that it is a small price to pay to taste and see that what we are able to do is truly good!
What now??  Email me at: with your pledge.  I will then email you details on how to get your check, or if outside the States, how to wire money to me.
I promise I'm not redecorating my living room, nor is Anosh a scammer.  I have witnessed, first hand, that he is a very good steward of all gifts that have been given...every dollar sent will go directly to the school and to the children. 
 "Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me."  (Matthew 25:40)
Conversely, "Whatever you did not do for the least of these, you did not do for me."
In response to all the hatred, evil and death in the world will you choose with me to GIVE LIFE?  Oh, how I pray that you will.  Pray about it and I look forward, eagerly, to hearing from blessed!
In His love,
ps. If you accidentally lose my email address go to "Contact Me" on my blog.  I will be praying for you my faithful readers.