Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Climbing My Matterhorn -- A Book Review

Hey Friend,

I recently had the pleasure of reading a book written by someone I really admire -- who has embodied perseverance and shown me how to keep putting one foot in front of the other, even when dealing with chronic pain and illness.

The full title of Lisa Aleo's book is: Climbing My Matterhorn -- My story of meningitis, migraine, and miracles. You may or may not personally suffer from migraine attacks and wonder, what's in this book for me?

My answer is, "Plenty!"

Lisa's book is so much more than a memoir detailing her journey, through more than a decade, suffering from debilitating migraine attacks. It is a field guide for anyone who is living with chronic pain or illness. 

I found her voice to be raw, honest, and sincere. This is an excellent book for fellow sojourners who are waiting, often impatiently, for the "not yet." I love how Lisa comes alongside the reader -- as if she's reading your mind -- to deliver a message of hope to the hearts who need it.

Lisa's promise is this: In her book, the reader will learn how to experience joy and peace in the midst of unpredictable pain and suffering from migraine disease (or other chronic illness). Learning to surrender anxious control, accepting each moment as it unfolds, while learning to manage the disease is key to living with a chronic illness.

The section of well-researched resources for those living with migraine disease, alone, is well worth the purchase.

Lisa bravely shares her story of living with chronic migraine through the lens of her life-long faith while embracing the glorious mystery of God's grace.

Lisa Aleo (author and friend) is a wife, mother of four grown sons, and a former R.N. She helps the reader navigate the peaks and valleys of daily living with chronic migraine. Lisa offers hope to others experiencing their own chronic illness journey. She works as a migraine advocate to reduce the stigma of this debilitating disease. You can read more from Lisa at her blog: Click here to visit Lisa's blog

Thinking about purchasing Lisa's book? Click here to view her book on Amazon

Nuggets of wisdom:

~ Accepting each moment as it was and not as I THOUGHT it should be was another lesson of survival.

~ Some days I had to say, "no for now" so that I could better enjoy a more resounding "YES" in the future.

~ Even now, on my toughest days, I utilize my breath to regain focus and ground me so as not to rise into panic mode.

"Life is hard. Life is messy. Life is beautiful." says Lisa. Her book will encourage you to never give up hope...

What about you? Do you live with chronic pain or illness? Any words of encouragement you'd like to share? Feel free to leave Lisa some lovin' in the Comments below.

Thanks and be blessed...

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