Friday, July 23, 2021

Child, I Don't Want You to be Left Behind

Hey Friend,

It's 3:30 am and I can't sleep...

Time transports me back a few decades to that silent night in a hospital bed. The nurse brought you in and gently laid you in my arms. Your tiny head smelled of gentle goodness and perfection. The baby I'd prayed years to hold was finally nestled in my arms. 

As you slept I made a promise. I promised God I would do my very best to raise you in His love and teach you His precepts. I solemnly dedicated you to my Savior. I asked Jesus for His arms always to be open to you until you fell into them. I laid you down at the foot of the cross -- you were my crown whom I cast at His holy feet.

Now, the enemy of our souls has his fist tightly clenched around the hourglass of time. He's squeezing out the sacred sand and I'm powerless to stop it. I pour out my heart -- earnestly begging Jesus to woo you back to Himself before it's too late. You know His hand is right there, but will you reach out to grab it and save yourself? I can't do it for you, this is a decision only you can make.

But know this:

For all your hurts, Jesus is your Healer

For your failures He is forever your Father who picks you up

For your addictions, your Adonai can break the chains

For your sorrows, He sends His Holy Spirit to comfort you

For the mistakes, He is your Maker and He makes beauty from the ashes

For your unattained yearnings, He is Yahweh

For your lowest points, He is El Elyon - your God Most High

For your agony, He is Abba-Daddy who holds you

For when you want to hide, He is El Roi - the God Who Sees You and loves you

For your shame, He breaks the shackles

For every sin that haunts you, He is Elohim - He is God who is bigger than everything and anything

For God so loved the world that He gave us

His One and Only Son to save us.

Whoever believes in Him will live forever. (John 3:16)

Come bring your weary heart. Come to the table and find only His love will satisfy. Come bring your thirst and pant no more. Come lay your flaws and failures at the foot of the cross. Come walk in freedom because He has died for your sin and defeated death. 

I praise God for the wonders of His love. I praise Him for the wonder that is you.

Jesus gave His life so you could walk in freedom. With His blood you are made whiter than snow. Your new name is Beloved. Pick up His yoke -- it's light and it won't burden you. Give Him your past and He will lavish His grace upon you and give you eternity with Him.

Fall on your knees and find it's the way to His Heart of love for you.

I love you my child. Run into His arms. I don't want you to be left behind because there is glory upon glory that awaits you. Don't delay. Get out of the boat called Self. Walk on the water toward Him. He will not let you fall. Take hold of His righteous right hand and live. 

I love you always my child...

Be blessed...if you have a child you'd like me to pray for, by name, email me with their first name and I will pray over them.

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