Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Are You Offering Dry Crumbs?

Hey Friend,

With God, I believe, there are no coincidences.  In the past two weeks or so, I have heard or read the phrase "dry crumbs" when it comes to something we are offering.  I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I got it that God was probably trying to tell me something. 

I don't know about you, but I am used to being the helper vs. being the "helpee".  I am the mentor not the "mentee".  One of my spiritual gifts is encouragement, so I am used to being the one doing the encouraging.  You need a leader for a Bible study, a small group or mission team...I'm your gal.  That's just what I do.  It's what I've always done.

What about you?  Where do you see yourself on the scale of helping vs. being helped?  When a crisis arises, are you the first one to lend a hand.  If a volunteer is needed, are you the first one to say, "Here I am Lord, send me."?

More importantly, do you do this even when you have nothing in your tank left to give?

Don't get me wrong, the Bible calls us to serve and have a servant's heart.  But God's word also calls us to offer "living water" not "dry crumbs".

"Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him."  (John 7:38)

What is flowing from within you? 

God says for us to draw near and to stay in touch with Him...even in our busiest moments.  God, however, encourages us to actually withdraw in order to be close to Him.  Even Jesus had to withdraw from the crowds to pray and be close to His Father.  Otherwise, instead of offering living water, he too would be offering dry crumbs. 

But Jesus Himself would often slip away to the wilderness and pray.  (Luke 5:16)

As the masses approached Jesus, sometimes he actually had to withdraw and get this...there is no sin in doing this!  If Jesus had to withdraw to be replenished, how much more then do we?

Also note the frequency.  Jesus would often slip away.  Jesus knew that if He wasn't filled, there was no way that He would be able to fill others. 

So, why then do we give and give and give until the tank is empty?  This is a good question to reflect upon...

One of my very favorite words is the word Abide.  Through trial and error...mostly error...I have realized that I am no earthly good to anyone unless I am abiding in Christ.  In order for living water to flow through me I need to abide in Him.  I love this passage from the book "Abide in Christ".

"Abiding in Him is not a work that we have to do as the condition for enjoying His salvation, but a consenting to let Him do all for us, and in us, and through us.  It is a work He does for us - the fruit and the power of His redeeming love.  Our part is simply to yield, to trust, and to wait for what He has engaged to perform."

I have fallen into the trap that I don't think that I am serving well enough unless I am completely exhausted.  Do you realize how silly that sounds??  Yet I, and I am guessing you, sometimes do that?

If your "giving tank" is empty, will you take a break and come away with Jesus to the well of living water.  Take long drinks until the thirst is quenched.  Then go and offer living water to others...BUT don't forget to come back to the well often...again and again. 

Lord help us to accept and receive the rejuvenating living water that you offer.  Let us not be too proud or to busy to come back to the well often so that we can offer living water to others instead of dry crumbs.  Amen.

In His love,


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