Wednesday, November 15, 2017

But, God...Never Stops Amazing

Hey Friend,

The year was 2012.  I was well into year three of a long, drawn out divorce.  I had lost my job due to downsizing. I was sitting in the recliner chair in the living room because I was only in week two of an eight week non weight bearing post surgery recovery for a meniscus tear in my knee and other complications.

I had read scripture, books, and magazines.  I'd watched movies and binged on Netflix.  I couldn't even go to the bathroom without crutches and the four walls were beginning to close in on me and suffocate me.  If I could have moved, I would have been climbing the walls. 

The only thing running were the tears down my cheeks.  "Why am I here, Lord?" I begged the question, "What good am I like this?  I really feel like a useless loser!"  Silence....

"Bev, do you remember writing poems about your dogs when you were a little girl?" I heard a still small voice.  "What has always been your first love?  What is your love language?  What flows out of you like spring-fed streams from the mountains?"  

"Words, Lord....words,"  I answered.

"Then write,"  He whispered.  "Do what you love and glorify Me with the gift I've given you."

I was sinking into despair....But, God met me there and gave me a new vision.

I began writing my blog entitled, "Walking Well With God" (kind of ironic because I wasn't walking when I started this writing adventure). Within six months, I found my posts reaching corners of the world that I couldn't even envision.  Many Christians live in countries wherein you cannot carry a Bible or openly ask about Jesus, or find inspiration, so many turn to the internet.  That's what happened with my blog.  

Maybe these Christians, in countries where they are persecuted, couldn't carry a Bible....But, God brought the Word to them through writers like me.

Through my writing I met a young, but wise beyond his years, reader who began asking me about my posts, my faith, and my mission in life.  In turn, he shared with me his dream to make education available to the orphaned, impoverished, destitute, and persecuted in his country which is in the Middle East. He taught children, who could not afford public or government schools, in a small home school environment.  Like them, he had grown up very poor without a father.  He knew their plight and the hopelessness they faced. He knew their fears with terror around every corner and evil rampant in the dark shadows.

Here we were - two Christians living worlds apart - separated geographically and culturally, yet there was a common thread.  We both knew the wonderful and saving love of Jesus Christ and wanted to bring the good news of Jesus to others and give them the hope that an education would provide.  We were an unlikely duo, BUT, GOD had BIG plans in mind.

Fast forward five years, four more surgeries, and a God who has a way of blowing our socks off.  We now have 52 full-time students in our school.  We are currently maxed out in our current space.  We have 20+ orphans on the waiting list.  

Children who couldn't read are now reading their Bibles and witnessing to others.  They are hungry to learn computer skills that will take them into the world beyond their small village.  They have memorized scripture, grasped math concepts, learned to read in their native tongue and in English, and are mesmerized by science, and invited to soar, creatively, through the arts. 

Girls, who would have never been able to attend school in their culture, are thriving and knowing they can make a difference in our world.

Their country tortures Christians, But, God has introduced them to Jesus and they are head-over-heels in love.

Tuesday, November 28th, is National "Giving Tuesday".  This is a movement that counteracts Black Friday, Cyber Monday and a culture that promotes self and commercialism.  "Giving Tuesday" says, "Let's thank God for our gifts at Thanksgiving and then, selflessly, give back to those less fortunate than ourselves.

Redeemer Christian Foundation, Inc. (a 501c3 non-profit ministry in excellent standing) could use YOUR help to expand our school so that we can get more children off the streets, out of harm's way, and into the safe haven that our school provides. Here is one sweet face on our waiting list.... 

There's two ways to give:

1.  Go online and check out our website:  Click HERE to go to RCF, Inc. website.  Read about our school, and then go to the "Donate" page to make a donation.  ** Tax receipts will be sent out in January so be sure to include your mailing address and mention this post**

2.  Send a check to RCF, Inc., 103 Silver Lining Lane, Cary, NC  27513.  Be sure to put "Giving Tuesday" in the memo line. **mention that you read this post**

Our goal is to raise $10,000 to expand to a facility that will enroll up to 80-90 children.  We KNOW our God is able, and with YOUR help we can do this!  "Giving Tuesday" donations accepted up through Christmas so it's never too late.

Dear Heavenly Father,  We praise you that you are in the business of building bridges - bridges that only a heart of love can build.  Help us to see our brothers and sisters, who live in terrifying places, and to let them know that they are not forgotten.  Help us to set aside some of our materialistic wants and needs and instead give to those who are so less fortunate than we are.  Move us to bring the light and love of Jesus to this dark corner of the world and to give these precious children the hope of an education, that until now, they could only dream of.  Let me make a difference, Lord.  In Jesus name I pray.  Amen.

Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed.  (Psalm 82:3)

Be blessed.....

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