My passion in missions work is for a foundation I helped to start:  Redeemer Christian Foundation, Inc.  Our mission is to promote the hope and love of Jesus Christ with people around the world with a particular focus on providing a Christian education to those who are orphaned, impoverished, oppressed, or persecuted for their faith.

We started out as a small, but growing school in Pakistan called Redeemer Christian School. Check out one of my posts dedicated to why I am so passionate about RCF,Inc. and RCS, Pakistan: 


To hear about how this middle-aged blogger became involved in starting up a ministry in the Middle East of all places, I invite you to listen in to a story that only God could have dreamed up.  To listen to  a podcast with delightful host, Holly Barrett, go to this link:

 RCF, Inc. was started in order to offer a Christian education to orphans and impoverished children in Pakistan.  Most children and families cannot afford the fees to go to government schools so their alternatives are to go to work as children in awful conditions, roam the streets, or possibly worse -  be sold into a life of slavery.

Our goal is to give these children hope for a better future.  By combining formal education with Biblical instruction, these children are introduced to the greatest hope one can find - an intimate relationship with their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  In a place where once no smiles could be found, now smiles are blossoming everywhere as these innocent ones are filled with the joy of the Lord.

Children are flocking to the school.  Our needs are many...we could use your help with everything from paying the monthly rent, to teacher's salary, to providing Bibles and instructional materials, etc. 

Evil is on the doorstep of Redeemer Christian School.  Any news source you go to will confirm that.  Help us be a light in a very dark corner of the world.  Together we can enable these precious children to be overcomers and not let the enemy win. 
See the difference in Adil's life:

Once a child of the streets...now filled with peace and joy in school
Arzo - Her father is physically and mentally ill and is into witchcraft.  Her mother is unable to provide for their family so they are left to fend for themselves.  This is Arzo before RCS.
This is Arzo after just a few months with RCS and being wrapped in the love of Jesus!
She's getting an education that before she could only dream of.


**News flash**
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Many children waiting to be sponsored:
We currently have a long list of orphans, destitute, and impoverished children waiting expectantly to get through the doors of RCS.  Only $15/month will keep one child in school for a year.  It's only with our help that they have a chance at bettering themselves and improving their lot in life.  Will you join with us in growing them up in the love and hope of Jesus?

Make checks payable to:  REDEEMER CHRISTIAN FOUNDATION,Inc.

Send to:                         103 Silver Lining Lane
                                       Cary, NC  27513

**Note RCF, Inc. is exempt from federal income tax under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501c3.  Donors can deduct contributions on your federal income tax statement.*** 

Meanwhile, please pray for safety for the children especially in light of the things going on in our world...
Be blessed...

 Meet our Director's beautiful new family member!! 
Let's make his dream come
true to build a school for
all the


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  2. That is a great way to help children and their families. We sponsor a child in India for now. We've been with Gospel for Asia/Bridge of Hope for years. I do get letters from once in awhile. I need to get another letter to him soon! Take care!


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