Friday, June 10, 2016

Sharing My Heart (plus podcast)

Hey Friend,

This week I am blessed to be doing something REALLY different.  I was invited by Holly Barrett, writer of "Living a Redeemed Life" and popular Christian blogger, to be her guest on her weekly podcast series. 

I have not met Holly in person, but have linked up many times with her "Testimony Tuesday" blogging linkup.  I've read Holly's writing and folks, she is the real deal.  I love Holly's candor in her writing and after chatting with her before and during the podcast, I felt like I had known Holly for years.  Then, when you put two southern gals together...who knows where the conversation will take you lol.

If you've read my blog before, you probably know that I champion a ministry called Redeemer Christian Foundation, Inc.  You may have wondered, how did a middle-aged homemaker from North Carolina come to start a Christian education ministry in the Middle East?? 

Well here's your chance to get some answers plus a whole lot more on my blog, my ministry, and how God has redeemed me from the pit in order that I might praise Him and give Him the glory.  In our conversation I share my heart, my passion, and what makes me tick.

I hope you'll tune in and listen to our conversation while you're washing dishes, paying the bills, or folding laundry...I truly hope that it will bring a smile and encouragement to your day.

Just click on this podcast hyperlink to the interview:

After the interview, I hope you'll stick around Holly's place to read her blog and check out her amazing story and what she is doing to further God's kingdom.

I also invite you to follow the link on the Podcast notes to Redeemer Christian Foundation, Inc. to read more about how we are helping orphaned and impoverished children in the Middle East reclaim a redeemed life and how you can be part of the story!!

When this was taped, the Pittsburgh Penguins had just started the final series with San Jose.  I don't want to mess with MOJO, but I sincerely hope that by week's end we will be hoisting the CUP!!!  Yes, I bleed black and gold...Let's go Pens!!

Holly and I shared a lot of laughs as well as some deep conversation.  We'd love to have you join you there...

Be blessed...

 ps.  Holly loves to hear from her listeners, so let her know your thoughts and I pray you'll keep tuning in to her uplifting and encouraging podcasts.