Sunday, March 5, 2017

Why My Heart Bleeds The Way It Does

Hey Friend,

A good friend of mine recently returned from a medical mission trip to Haiti - which is so needed.  Listening to her stories and seeing the sweet faces of the children, especially, that they were able to help brought tears to my eyes.  They were able to set up their clinic in a local church there.

She said that while they were there they ran into several other missionary groups.  One was a group of opthamologists who were there, most likely, to provide eye exams, provide glasses, and treat diseases/injuries of the eye.  

My daughter has served on mission trips to Kenya.  Again, they were able to love on the children in an orphanage and helped to build a well and reservoir for clean drinking water.  One of the highlights of my daughter's trip was worshiping with the people there and sharing their love of Jesus together.

On one hand I was so encouraged that people like my friend and my daughter are called to help out in these countries, but at the same time I felt a deep sadness for my poor orphaned and destitute children in Pakistan that we serve through Redeemer Christian Foundation, Inc.  

There are no missionaries that go to Pakistan...only martyrs.

The last time a western mission group tried to go into Pakistan and offer a medical clinic, they were bombed and killed by extremists that didn't want any Western/Christian influence (even though the mission group was there vaccinating children against diseases like polio that still run rampant).  It truly breaks my heart.  

Perhaps that's why I have such a passion for Pakistan - because they are the "unreachables".  Any Christian ministry groups that have tried to survive there have been run out.  All that is left is less than 1% of the Pakistani population that is Christian to bring the Good News to the destitute people of that country.
For the beautiful Pakistani Christians who, literally, risk their lives every day to bring the good news of Jesus, offer humanitarian aid like food and shelter, provide medical assistance, and oh so importantly - offer education to these impoverished children who cannot afford to go to school, I feel called to come alongside and go where few dare to go.

They are rescuing children who otherwise are made to be slaves or are caught up in sex trafficking...the horrors are endless. These children live everyday wondering if they will lose their lives or their friends in the continual extremist bombings.  70% of the women in Pakistan have not completed a primary or grade school level of education....there really is little hope. 

For these reasons and many more, I just have to help out.  I cannot leave them to be forgotten and persecuted.  

That is why with the help of selfless Christian Pakistani servants of the Lord, we have started Redeemer Christian Foundation, Inc. We not only provide a Christian education, but food, shelter, medical and humanitarian aid to those who have nothing.  We give them the love of Jesus Christ and the hope of a future.  

Specifically, right now, we have a great need for a CAR for our school.  Can you imagine running a Christian school, smack dab in the enemy's back yard, without a reliable form of transportation?
Here are some reasons we need a vehicle:

*Transport school supplies, equipment, and Bibles.
*Transport groceries to the school for daily meals.
Transport 25 pairs of jeans and 30 sweater dresses so that the children will have a Christmas gift.
*Transport supplies and food so that they can provide humanitarian aid to the poverty stricken near the school.
*Be able to provide Christmas and Easter programs to celebrate Jesus.
*Transport sick children to the doctor.
* Safely pick up money wires to run the school.


sCARves for a Cause
Car Campaign

A good used car will cost us $6,000.  We can do this!  A passionate donor to RCF, Inc. has purchased scarves handmade by needy women and widows who live near our school.  

For every donation of $75. or more, we will see that you receive a beautiful scarf from a Pakistani woman in need.  

Your ENTIRE donation will go toward purchasing the Car and is tax deductible.  The scarf is a gift to you for caring enough to help.
Can we count you in??

 Donations of any size are always welcomed.  But wouldn't you like to be able to wear a uniquely beautiful scarf knowing it's helping not only the children at our school but also the women trying to provide for their families?

Two ways to give:
send a check to:
RCF, Inc.
103 Silver Lining Lane
Cary, NC  27513

or visit our website and donate online:

and....even better:

The first $1,000. donated will be matched with a gift of $1,000 from Jana S. (dedicated RCF, Inc. contributor and me - I believe in putting my money where my mouth is).  So dollar for dollar your gift will be matched and doubled. * Scarf eligibility is based on an original gift of $75. and not the doubled amount. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

This is why my heart bleeds the way it does...please let these children know that they are not forgotten...

Pure and undefiled religion before our God and Father is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself unstained by the world.  (James 1:27)

Be blessed...

ps.  To my blogging friends...would you be willing to share this or the RCF, Inc. website link on your blog?  Or provide a link on your blog to this post, asking your readers to consider this wonderful (and fashionable) opportunity to share the love of Jesus?  If so, I would be truly grateful. Please, for safety reasons, only share on blogs and not on Facebook which can be scanned by those who would wish to do harm to our ministry. Thanks... xo