Saturday, September 9, 2017


Hey Friend,

Readers have described my writing as "real", "honest", "raw" even.  Let's just say I don't shy away from getting a little gritty.  What you see is pretty much what you get.

I wasn't always this way.  In fact, I was just the opposite.  For a large part of my life I spent a lot of my time trying to be perfect and to "earn" God's favor - as if that's even possible.  I wore a mask that said to the world, "I'm doing just fine and I've got my act together."  Do you know how much energy it takes to keep up this masquerade?  I was afraid of being found out as a phony....a fake...a desperately insecure young woman who really didn't know her true worth in God's eyes.  

Let's just say, that through the trials and struggles I've been through, God has taught me a few things.  I have grown tremendously in my faith and more importantly, in my relationship with God.  I can't imagine doing life without Him and together we laugh at my silly and vain attempts to try to maintain "control" of my life.

God has definitely called me to be vulnerable with my doubts, my struggles, my fears, my trials, and my disappointments, in my writing. Why?  

Because we are ALL going through something.  Behind every door there is a story and chances are it's not a fairytale.  

We NEED each other and we NEED each other to be we know we're not alone and we're in this thing called "Life" together.

We all need friends who have been there.  Friends who'll lean in close and say, "Me too!"

That's why I was thrilled and humbled to be asked to join the company of some amazing writers to put together a devotional that will truly meet you in your everyday mess!

We wanted to provide a place where you can come as you are and find yourself among friends and people who "get" it.  In this devotional, you'll find real women writing about real life. 

It's a place to take off your mask, kick off your shoes, come in your yoga pants and find a safe place where you can be real with God. You can take a moment to breathe, and find peace and encouragement for your soul.

The devotional, put out by LifeWay and (in) - two awesome ministries, is due to release on October 3rd.  I am offering you the opportunity to pre-order "A Moment to Breathe", and get a FREE DaySpring mug with the book.  This offer is only good through LifeWay.  You must pre-order before Oct. 3rd. 

With 365 readings, each day begins with a passage of Scripture and tells a story of everyday faith.  In the rush of regular life that leaves you breathless, it invites you to take a moment to breathe.

If you'd like to see what you'll be getting, I invite you to go to the link below and you will receive a FREE 10 day sampler...just enough to get you through till my next post :)


Click HERE to get the FREE 10 day sampler....

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"A Moment to Breathe" and the free mug make a wonderful gift to yourself and don't you deserve it?  Or, get some Christmas shopping done early...this would be a lovely gift to receive.

More than anything, I would like to thank you for supporting me in my writing endeavors.  My prayer is that my writing would point people in the direction of where true hope can be found and to glorify my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Be blessed....