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How to be More Inspired by Christ's Birth - Guest Post & Giveaway

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When I flip the calendar to December, one of my very favorite things is calming my spirit by reading an Advent devotional or doing an Advent Bible study as I prepare my heart for the coming of my Savior.  While I'm still "bootcamping" it, I'm excited to have my good friend and writer, Beth Steffaniak, sharing here today. Will you welcome her, with me, and leave her some lovin' in the Comments?

Beth is a pastor’s wife, empty-nester mom and grandma—“Bebe.” She fills up her days with blogging at as well as authoring, life-coaching, and speaking at workshops. She would love for you to connect with her on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest, and also hopes you’ll take advantage of the resource library on her blog that offers over 40 free resources to subscribers.

How to be More Inspired by Christ's Birth~

We all could use a little more inspiration in 2020! Wouldn’t you agree?


But even more important than overcoming pandemic fatigue is our need to connect more deeply with Jesus, especially during the season of Advent. It certainly could help usher in a more Christ-honoring 2021, not to mention preparing our hearts for the celebration of Christ’s birth and birthday.




So, allow me to share with you one resource and idea for preparing your heart for Christmas and the Christmas season. I truly believe that if you put into practice what I’m about to share, you’ll find that your life and relationships will grow stronger and more encouraged as well. You’ll be able to weather seasons of challenge, like what we’ve endured during 2020, better. And it just might inspire you to live more for Christ all year round.


Many years ago, I discovered the powerful impact that studying God’s word had on my marriage and life. Back then, the messes in my marriage were what inspired me to name my blog “Messy Marriage.” Thankfully, my times in God’s word began to correct my distorted motives and draw my heart closer to God, eventually lessening my marriage messes.


Those precious times in God’s word continually transform me into a different person—a better spouse and more devoted Christ-follower.


At some point, the Lord inspired me to develop a Bible method based on the word WORTHY, with each letter representing a particular prompt. This method will remind you to welcome the Lord into your study. And it will also hone your ability to glean truths from the passage, form an application, pray your application, as well as live it out throughout your day.


WORTHY stands for . . .


W – Welcome the Lord.


O – Observe what Scripture says.


R – Recognize what is noteworthy and true.


T – Thought to take.


H – Help from the Lord.


Y – Yield to the Lord.


About five years ago, I began to share my WORTHY Bible studies with others in private Facebook groups, where I found even more inspiration and encouragement from those who studied along with me. One of the studies I wrote and shared there was based on the story of Christ’s birth in Luke 2:1-40. Now, you can find that Bible study—Messiah in a Manger—on Amazon, and better yet, buy it while it’s on sale until 12/6/20! The paperback was $6.99 and is now $3.99, with the Kindle on sale for .99 cents—down from $2.99.


Perhaps you’re afraid to dive into a study during the busy Christmas season. If so, this just might be the perfect study for you! That’s because it’s very brief—only ten days-worth of notes/chapters that you can read in about five or six minutes each day. Even though the readings are short, they are also packed with my research and personal insights, giving you the context and depth to understand the text more completely.


If you’ve got the time and motivation, you could also study the passage on your own each day. Then come back to read my notes to compare our combined insights. You might find some truths and perspectives that I didn’t and vice versa.


But if you’re like me and you love hearing other people’s thoughts on the readings, know that you’re invited to join me as I host another Facebook group doing this study very soon. It will kick-off the week of 12/6/20 and finish up on 12/18/20. Click here to request to join and I’ll add you ASAP!


Allow me to share with you one “Thought to Take” from the Messiah in a Manger study . . .


“I’m struck by how many historical details the Lord lined up in order to confirm the prophecies of old regarding the Messiah’s coming. God certainly is the Master Weaver, who orchestrates with great precision every detail—not just since Christ’s coming, but also of every current moment on into eternity. Most likely, Joseph, and many others at this time, could have viewed the requirement to travel for this census as a costly burden and inconvenience. But this passage serves to remind me that God weaves His divine purposes into every circumstance in life—orchestrating them to bring about His best and most redemptive outcomes even in the mundane things we consider problems and/or annoyances. So, I will trust Him with each detail and not grumble or view these inconveniences as unwanted nuisances or frightening threats in my life.”


This entire study will give you an up-close and personal look at all the details God used to weave His story of redemption and love! It will give you a greater sense of wonder for the Father’s plan and will inspire you to love and thank Jesus for coming in such a humble yet profound way, as a Messiah in a manger.

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