Friday, April 5, 2013

You Are Covered In Love And Prayer

Hey Friend,

Do you know that if you are reading this you are covered in love and prayer?  Ever since you started reading my blog, I have prayed for you each and every day; day and night.  If this is your first time, I am praying for you as I type these words.  I lift you and your needs, wants and desires up before God.  I ask that God would speak to you where you are and wrap His ever-lasting arms around you.  The Bible instructs us to pray for one another, but I want to pray for you. It is my privilege!

God knows your name and He loves you even more than I do.  When I started this blog, I had small goals - Lord help me reach just one person with reassurance of your sacrificial love.  God, in His tremendous way, has hit that dream out of the ball park.  He's like that, you know, always exceeding our wildest imagination.  It's no coincidence you are reading this.  He wanted you here.

I've been taking some time off to spend with family, but will be back at it next week.  Meanwhile, I invite you to meditate on these scriptures.  And, perhaps read some of the posts you may have missed.

And we have this command from Him:  the one who loves God must also love his brother. (1 John 4:21)

Finally, all of you be of one mind, having compassion for one another; love as brothers, be tenderhearted, be courteous. (1 Peter 3:8)

I'll end this post by praying this blessing over you:
May the Lord bless you and keep you.
May the Lord make his face to shine upon you,
and be gracious unto you.
May the Lord lift up his countenance upon you
 and give you peace.
Know you are loved,


  1. "May the Lord make his face to shine upon you,
    and be gracious unto you."

    My Mum used to always pray that as she put us to bed, or before we leave the house for any major event/exam. :)
    (p.s she's still alive but I can't remember when was the last time she said that, maybe now it's my turn to pray for her) :)

    Thank you :)

  2. Esther,
    What a beautiful prayer your mother prayed over you. Praying for one another is one of the best gifts we can give them. As a mom, I would be honored if my daughter prayed that for me. Let her know you prayed that for will make her day! Thanks for sharing, Bev

  3. This is beautiful Bev! Coming here was a wonderful way to begin my Saturday. Thank you, thank you for your kind heart.

    1. Beth,
      Thank you my sister in Christ and in cyber space :) So glad God has brought us together!


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