Monday, April 27, 2020

What Would You Do???

Hey Friend,

It's three o'clock in the afternoon.  You've forgotten what day of the week it is because the days just seem to run together.  You are aching to hug someone...anyone, but especially your beautiful new granddaughter.  Her red apple cheeks and tiny fingers and toes beg to be kissed, but they elude you.

In boredom, you've binge-watched all your favorite shows and you've visited the refrigerator and pantry more times than you would care to admit.  Somehow, the ice cream soothes an emotional itch you can't seem to scratch.  

Your kids have each taken turns having seismic meltdowns.  Tears, like hot lava, have flowed down your graduating senior's cheeks for all the memories that will go unmade.  You and your spouse are learning the true meaning of "for better or for worse."  Their little quirky idiosyncrasies are now driving you crazy.  It's a sign of too much togetherness.  Even the dog balks at going for yet another walk.

Or maybe you are going it alone - wishing there was someone to annoy you.  Maybe the isolation just stamps a big exclamation point over your loneliness.  If only your spouse hadn't left...if only your grown children cared...if only.

What if, on top of this, you'd lost your job cleaning sewers?  Your country's government and all the non-government aid groups have said, "We will NOT give you food or humanitarian aid because you claim Jesus Christ is Lord and that is blasphemy." Others on the lowest rung of this caste system have nothing to share with you. Now, more than ever, they call you "the unclean ones."

Your children are starving.  You can't put food on the table.  No one will give you so much as a scrap of bread.  The only way you could possibly have a chance at getting nourishment to quash the hunger is to denounce your faith.  Just say that you worship the prophet Mohammad and Allah is your god.  Say it and you and your family will eat.

What would you do?  

That's where the children of Redeemer Christian School, and their caregivers, are right now.  They live in a dark corner of the world - a third world Middle Eastern country that persecutes and tortures Christians in the most horrific ways.  Now there is a new way to persecute those who claim Jesus Christ is Lord - starve you to death.  That is what is happening.

Redeemer Christian Foundation, Inc. is committed to go where others won't go to reach the lost and forgotten.  With the help of caring and compassionate donors, we are putting together food and humanitarian aid packages in order to feed those who are hungry and starving. 

We are also sharing food with our starving Muslim and Hindi brothers and sisters in the name of Jesus and hearts are being drawn to Him.  We are walking in the sandals of the Good Samaritan, but we need your help.

If you are out of work, lost your livelihood, or are hungry yourself...please disregard this post.  But, if you are still working, sitting comfortably while riding out this pandemic, we NEED your help.

Every dollar we collect will go directly to starving families in this Middle Eastern country (for security reasons we cannot share which country on public internet).  Nothing will be taken out for overhead, administration, or any other reason.  Your dollars...straight to the market to buy food to be distributed, in the name of Jesus, to those who are starving.  

Even after the social distancing mandates lift, the poorest of the poor will have a very difficult time finding work.  Long after we've gone back to gathering with others and hugging those we love, these brothers and sisters in Christ will still be hungry.  But, YOU can bring them love and hope.

Check our our website:  Click HERE to read more about RCF, Inc.

If you want to feed the children in Jesus' name...Click HERE to make a donation. Any amount will help...  We are a registerd 501c3 non-profit.  The CARES stimulus act now allows a $300 tax deduction per person for those who normally don't itemize.  

And, will you pray?  Pray that the enemy would not prevail in isolating and destroying those who trust in Jesus?  Pray for a hedge of protection to be around those who claim and stick to their faith.  Pray for strength and perseverance in the midst of this crisis.  

Thank you and be blessed...

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Thanks for reading....

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