Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Redeemer Christian School Update

Hey Friend,
First, an update on Redeemer Christian School:  With PRAISE and special thanks, I would like to extend our sincere gratitude to those of you who contributed to the startup of Redeemer Christian School in Pakistan.
I am excited to report that 20+ children (and the numbers are growing) meet 6 days a week for prayer, worship, Bible teaching and educational instruction.  For those that come, this is their only formal education.  Thank you for getting them off the streets, out of forced manual labor (and worse) and into the classroom.
Your giving has enabled us to rent two rooms for the children to meet, but so much more is needed!  The children are so happy to be there they sit on blankets on the hard floor.  We need tables and chairs so that it is easier to write, books, Bibles, writing materials, etc. 
Most of the children do not have shoes.  For Christmas we would like to give each child the gift of a pair of shoes and a Christmas meal.  I don't think that is asking for much.  We are working on establishing 501c3 non-profit status - but this too takes money.  It will enable us to set up an easier Paypal system.  Until that time, we need to do things the "old fashioned way"...
If you would like to see a child get a pair of shoes and a meal for Christmas and if you would like to see Redeemer Christian School continue on the path it has begun through God's Holy power, please consider giving. 
Here's How:  Send a check made out to: Bev Rihtarchik/RCS
Send the check to: Bev Rihtarchik/Redeemer Christian School
                             103 Silver Lining Lane
                             Cary, NC  27513
Please Pray:  Please pray for Anosh (our brother-in-Christ) that heads up RCS in Pakistan.  Pray for each of the children that they would come to a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior.
Thank you for being willing to bring light into the lives of children who live in a very darkened corner of the world!!  Together we can make a difference.  Be blessed...
In His love,

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